2004 Mercedes-Benz S430 4MATIC Questions

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Can't get car out of park.
When I put my foot on the brake, my hand on the gear shift it won't move. I understand that this car has the option of driving a stick or driving an automatic. Please help me....
my car is now holding up after changing the shock, but keeps showing AIRMATIC visit workshop on the dash board. the mechanic cant find any problem. He thinks it will stop with time
If i hit the button inside nothing happens it just says too Low do not drive
I toke the battery off for about 5 months and when put it back and the key won't turn
found puddle of water in front passanger side
The alerts sensors are coming on and off frequently.
The AC Off indicator on the Climate Control panel will not turn off when I push the button and the AC compressor will not come on.
Have a S430 engine with only 4,000 on it and want to know if it
will fix my car that has a bad s430 4matic engine.
I know that the bottom or the oil pan and the Harnest will have
to come off the s430 4matic.
But will the regular s430 engine definetly work in the s430 4matic.
Is There Something I can Do To Quieter The Noise
Its Coming From The Bottom Plz Help
Hi Need Help Have A 2004 MB S430 4matic
Sounds Like A Diesel Is That Common
have A 2004 S430 4matic It has Noisy Engine Like Knock Sound
Is That Common For This Car?
I am thinking of buying a used 04 s430 for my wife. I usually perform my own vehicle maintenance. Am I going to be able to do this with a MB. I do not want a vehicle maintenance nightmare here. I was hoping for a little fun.
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