2003 Mercedes-Benz S430 4MATIC Questions

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I just replaced front break pads a few days ago and was driving it few hundred miles but the service break visit work shop message still on
gauges not working
trunk release not working
gas gauge, speedometer, etc
gauges not moving
trunk button not working
completely black no power
gauges not moving
trunk button not working
completely black no power
My car doesn't start
While driving my car the engine stopped; Instrument panel lit up; Headlight shut off. I was able to coast to the shoulder while still in drive. Once in park, I waited 15 minutes before trying to start the car. the starter clicked, that's all. The battery was fine, I used my hazards for about 50 minutes waiting for the Tow truck.
before car died battery light was on car died then started after 10 min then died again now cranks no spark have fuel and injection pulse
Clean MAF sensor light still on, whill a aftermarket filter will throw the light?
side or the othr. Possible a CV joint in the front driveline?
I found water build up in intake at firewall...unplugged leaves detrius from the drain...hose vent at and ac worked fine for one day...stopped howling... worked 24 hrs after my cleaning out the drain...water was dripping onto passenger side floor prior to my finding the water build up...How do I replace fan and motor and relay? I cant get the fan to blow or howl now...air was coming into the compartement when the fan was howling...Now nothing
is the MSG service in 700 miles means change oil in 700 miles or a complete service
I can"t turn the car left or right no power steering
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