2005 Mercedes-Benz S430 Questions

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It does it on every ride and every start
This problem happen everytime car sit up without running for a day.
Car was driving fine all of a sudden abs ESP light comes on and car starts to drive 2230 miles per hour revving at 3000 RPMs new brakes put on front never had problems like this before took it to a shop that says no signal is going to the transmission on the dash there is no indication of comfort or sport, the indicator beside the time clock show c or s anymore. Any ideas ,
the temp keep going up an fan will not come on
Also says tire monitor is not working. Should I take it to a mercedes dealer for this and service a?
The outside temperature, clock, and gear shift went blank in the instrument cluster.
chirping sound
my Mercedes has been setting in the garage for a few months and the battery is dead how do I jump it off?
Break light and tail light
alarm control module location
the lights flash too.
The outside temperature gauge light on the dashboard cluster is out.If this indicating that a fuse is out? If
so, where would I locate the fuse? I did not see anything
about this in the car manuel.

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