1999 Mercedes-Benz S420 Questions

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Fuse blows when ac is turned off
my rear interior lights are staying on. tried all the buttons.
Recent service included "full synthetic" oil change, Drove 2 miles back home & found dip stick pushed out from its port and oil had been over filled well beyond MB spec. Drained off almost 2 quarts and oil was pitch black. Never before had a new oil change looked like that. ???? Did they reuse the old oil from the pan replacement they did ???
I purchased this car a little over 2 weeks ago and when I left the dealership the AC worked fine and did up until last weekend. After driving approx 150 miles, the AC stopped blowing cold, the blower worked fine. When I got home, I took the car out the next day, the AC was cold but after a few miles it began to blow hot again. So every time I start it up, it blows cold but after a little while it blows hot again
had to remove the transmission cross member to get to it
I am trading in my 1999 MB S420 for a new car, but not a new Mercedes. My dash lights just came on and I don't want to trade in the car with the warning lights on. Can I temporarily turn them off? Thank you.
What is VFUEL? In addition the right front sway bar link, differential service, and an alignment has been recommended. Do I really need these repairs? The car has less than 55,000 miles.
Do I need a new fuse or what? The antenna is brand new.
Hello I am 24 years old. For the past 5 years or so I have admired these w140's. I love the quality and build and styling of these cars? I have found a nice all black 1999 s420 with 150,000 miles for a great price, only thing is the check engine light is on and the dealer has not put in money into the car. Would I be taking a gamble buying this car for a great price. What would the yearly upkeep be even if I just drove it on the weekends. Thanks
my diagnostic check indicates that cylinder 5 is misfiring.
i get hot and nice air on the passenger side from all vents but cold air on the driver side also from all vents and cold air in the back vent in the mid HELP HELP HELP
In the area where the mileage is read, when I start the car it first read -300 then -700 and now it reads -1000 the first 2 dont show up any more. now it only reads -1000

what does this mean?
Someone please help...
Can I use Pentosin CHF 11s power steering fluid in my 99 s420?
what oil do you use in a 1999 s 420?
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