1997 Mercedes-Benz S420 Questions

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The position sensor was replaced but I am not sure that there may be a washer that goes under it

The driver side light stays on even if the car is off

Drive for a hour, and out of no were it shouts off with no warning lights.. The whole dash board lights up, it turn over then cuts back off.. Wait ten minutes sense Firestone replace my crank sensor and its starts right up and I can drive home. They can't find the problem, because the car Won't cut off on them. Please Help me. I herd value vapors, throttle body, etc ... Told them guys at shop and they said that isn't the problem..thank you have a bless day.. And the car has 225,123 miles on dash.. Car been drive good until this day.

Air condition and heater climate system work normal, bottom and adjust setting functional, the fuse just burn when ignition switch turn on power before start engine. how can I find problem and fix it? thanks for help and share your knowledge.

It even does it when I shift into drive or into park. Help.

How ca I fix this to get cold air out the side vents. I checked the fuses and they are good. Even when weather is cold they still blow hot air so is not a vent flow problem.

Fuse #20 located in fuse panel located in the engine compartment near the brake fluid resevoir blows as soon as I start A/C in my 1997 S420. Some further information and a few problems that may or may not be related on my 1997 S420 are as follows:

1. Fuse #20 blows every time I start A/C of the car. The things listed against that fuse are Control Unit, A/C Compressor, Automatic climate control. I turned off the A/C and then replaced fuse #20 and re-start the car not working after going to workshop and reprogram the car it started and again turning on A/C the fuse blows and the car not started till reprogram and also the center lock of remote is not working after this happen but it working from button inside the car.

2. I went to many workshops no one know the reason every one saying may be wire expose problem but no one can find which wire.

3. The A/C fan is currently off for starting the car. I don't understand the issue with fuse #20 which keeps blowing.

What is the procedure for getting the drivers side door panel off to gain access to the window regulator?

For getting the drivers door panel off to gain access to the window regulator?

my transmission has shifted into low gear and want shift up. so i put it on a scanner and it shows the code for a tcm and tcu.

im trying to find the easiest way to remove and replace the hood hinges after a hood blow off

All gauges stop working completely tonite. Gas gauge,speedometer,rpm everything. Mileage gauge too! Any news of where to fix cheap in Ypsilanti mi?

or lunging forward when braking?