1995 Mercedes-Benz S420 Questions

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How much to replace my power steering pump if I supply the replacement part (1995 S420 MercedesBenz, non leveling single pump ZF brand)?
This has been an on going problem for a couple of years, I've replaced the ICM numerous times, along with trottle body and it reapears after a hefty bill at the repair shop, now my mechanic informs me that it won't communicate with his scanners..I'm at a complete loss, any help will be Greatly Appreciated, Thanks Russell
Replaced the resister. Blower continues to run w.hen car is off. Have to unplug resister to shut off. Heat, air conditioning, blower and controls all work great, except for blower not shutting off when car is turned off.
Mercedes S420
Passenger Window inches up when closing, rear passengers window inches up, passenger side interior lights, rear tail lights stay on, short in headlamp switch, no radio, no electronic back seat headrest adjustment, sun roof sporadically opens. One owner, original 65k mile sat in garage since 98.
When Starting- engine turns over, very loud clunk.
When I apply the gas it decreases everytime.
new wires high temp. new spark plags . new coil. please help me . henry
After sitting overnight it starts right up.
after waiting for it to cool off about 30 minutes to an hour it turns back on, not sure what is the issue has anyone else had this issue ?
Mercedes-Benz local dealership suggests that the replacement of pads, rotors, sensors and calipers must be done by the dealership due to the specialty tools and mechanics of the brake system. Is this necessarily true or can a certified mechanic at, say a GM, dealership do the work
Steering is so stiff I cannot drive. I need to add power steering fluid to see if that is the problem
Rough idle and light tapping noise
fan stop blowing on ac.
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