2006 Mercedes-Benz S350 Questions

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am changing oil and filter regulary
Problem constantly. Doors will only unlock with remote, trunk will not unlock
i already change the crank shaft sensor and fuel pump, and the outside temperature is not showing right...any one can help me to solve this problem
after 35 minutes the engine switch off automatically then i have to wait something 7 minutes to engine start again and second time happen quickly after 15 minutes and some times after the engine switch off the kms going up without car driving. when i make the diagnostic its appear many errors, and all errors are erased after switch off again the error comes again.
Do I have to use a Mercedes Mechanic, or can I use a regular tire place?
It sounds a bit more like a race car than a luxury sedan. The tires are fine, although I do need to balance the tires. But its not that kind of noise, seems more like engine.
what should i do?
when my car starts i am getting the problem
AC still works on LO setting
is there anything i have to do to reset it or could it be a wiring problem. but heres the good part i put through a touchless car wash and the high pressure of the water turned it on for 3 days and it reading a real high temp but then it stopped working
Hello, the fill tube for the automatic transmission doesn't have a dipstick or a cap/cover. The oil change place tells me that it's not suppose to. This seems strange that a big gaping hole open to dirt/dust entering the transmission doesn't seem logical. Does anyone know about this? Thanks.
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