1999 Mercedes-Benz S320 Questions

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Oh dear Casey, You are in the UK?

I think you got my message wrong. The car has a left steering wheel to drive on the right side of the road!

Oh dear, how can I navigate in a menu that is in Japanese and translate that. The only way if you mean put it down in English and look into the menu to compare. That I can do, huh, time consuming though. Some mechanic told me there is a program to set it in English from a computer.

I have just replaced the cooling fan assembly. But it is a small sensor to “temper stat” (do not know how to call it)
That need replace but where do I find out the number of this part. But now I read you say that the S320 did not use the cooling fan ? Except when the airconditioner is on. That is what is happening. So that is normal.

I think the car is a special edition K50 Lorinser and was launched in November.
I have bought a second hand car from Japan, I guess it is a very special addition. MB 1999/11, Left steering, Chasis - WBD220065-1A060440 engine size 3190cc. Automatic. It is a beauty but some issues, how do I find out what to ask for:
1. Temperstaat sensor that is not working I have to ride always with the acc on for fan to work.
2. A dianostic program. Can that be downloaded? Which, what and where?
3. It is all in Japanese where can I get a program to decode language and change to English.
4 Where can I get a owners manual for this car in English?
Most Appreciated I am located in Aruba.
Thank you
I hear a sound that I can best describe as a soft "clicking" sound when I accelerate. Then it stops until I accelerate again. Seems to be coming from under the the car near the passenger seat, but may be coming from the engine compartment. Its driving me crazy and I can't identify it. Its not the heater fan. Can anyone help me?
The fans are not coming on unless I unplug a connector on the side of the condenser. What could this be?
Recently my nearside air suspension unit failed dropping the car dramatically,this turned out to be a quite expensive repair. The car has done 102000 miles.Would this be the normal lifespan of a air suspension unit, if so what is the likelihood of the remaining units failing.
Has anyone else had the same problem
I'm rplacing the leather covered knob with a wooden knob.
where is the AC Blower Motor Resistor located on the 1999 S320 Mercedes benz
Battery went dead while car was parking. When I did the jump start it ran OK but lost throttle as the bas/slr light came on. Installed new battery but still light is on and throttle is not operational.
My car runs good but it shuts off, and then about half hour later it will start
It blows hot air and produces a smell like a dead animal.
a wrench a pairs and the number 9600
Is the fault of the mechanics hoist. Rear air suspension down on RH rear
suddenly the rear right side door handle is turned loose and coming out of location whenever i try to open door. There is one screw that seems loose and should fit into the handle front side.
I have some of the lights on the dash that went off. The one most annoying is the odometer light. The dealer told me it could be simple bulb replacement but would take 2 hours labor or $250!

Where can I find the steps or diagrams to replace burned bulbs in the dash?

Many thanks!
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