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I don't drive my car very much because I don't feel it's safe( especially on a hwy or busy road. The car just suddenly stops. I thought the last time I picked it up it was fixed but after a few weeks it happened again. Low sound screeching and stopping. out of the blue. I had the BAS/ESP pump and power steering
pump replaced. Also the Bas/ESP light comes on almost all the time. The shop has done diagnostics but can't fix the problem. This has been going on since Nov 2017. What could the problem be. My car has 103K and I do very little driving
It sometimes revs without moving while on D and moves while it is on N. Restarting the ignition makes it ok. It happens usually in the mornings.
Home. no erro codes the car starts straight away manny thanks
I will be driving along and suddenly the warning lights starts beeping and I have to stop, turn of the car and then it is fine again some times for days, months other times seconds. Today as I was trying to speed up into traffic it felt like there was suddenly an air gab in the fuel and then it kicked in again. This happened twice out of the 5 times the car started beeping. It is really hot outside and I have been driving over a lot of bumpy roads but that is all I can think of. So what do you think it is?
1)oil light comes on sometimes during acceleration and then goes away shortly there after,why?oil level is fine. 2)I fill it with gas and it reads empty,but i drive it for two miles or so and it reads correct,WHY?
How do I reset the ETC control Module after replacing conductor plate? The original fault code was/remains, P0715, turbine speed sensor. After installing new conductor plate and servicing trans the fault remains and Drive will not shift.
I have a 2002 ml55 amg. Just about two days ago, started to notice a light clicking noise, front underneath the car when you brake, take off or sometimes making a turn or going through bumpy road. The noise is not a persistent clicking like a grinding noise.

My mechanic checked all over including my brakes(brand new brake pads, rotors and etc, but still not able the detect the origin of the issue.

The noise is not speed related. It is an isolated event.

Please advise, thank you.

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