2001 Mercedes-Benz ML55 AMG Questions

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Was just fine earlier today
Every once in a while, when I start the car and begin to drive, the front left tire will stop itself and my ESP slip light will come on. It will do this about every 5 to 10 seconds until I key cycle (shut the car down, start it back up). After that it goes away, sometimes for 24 hours, sometimes for months! There's no warning lights on otherwise. As it only happens intermittingly, my mechanic was not able to replicate the problem, therefore unable to fix it. Any benz geniuses out there encountered similar?
what is the head bolt torque sequence and how much to torque them to? Any other special instructions?
Pedal hard to accelerate smoothly without a lot of pressure!!
I have changed shocks twice still the problem is not removed. I hear there are hydraulics and Airflow (?) shocks. Does it means I have the wrong shocks fixed? What could be responsible for the bouncing ride? Please help.
i ahve ml 55 2001 model, recently my car got jammed and its dashboard is not working, doesnt even take ingnition. im worried because no one is able to understand the actual problem. the car is jammed and doesnt start at all and the battery seems to be fine. ill be glad if i get any assistance in this matter
My truck stalls then starts after about 20 minutes. It started on the highway 1 hour 30 minutes from home. I waited 20 minutes and drove about 20 minutes until I got home. It sucked! I need assistance locating the sensor on my 2001 Mercedes ML55 AMG. Every link says its simple, and on youtube they don't show my truck. My truck has a very tight fit along the firewall and has the radiator reservoir on top along with brake lines and fuel lines in the way. The mass air flow is behind the engine under the reservoir. My problem is locating the Crankshaft sensor somewhere in that mess. Do I go from underneath in this engine? I see no way of getting to it or even locating it from top.
they were working however one side came on but the other did not . Then the next day came now bot sides are not working. what should I replace? Is it the fuse that I need to replace or what?
No light is on in the dash.
Tapping noise only when engine is cold, once warmed up and driven it subsides and disappear after few minutes.
box now car will not start i have looked over wires do not see any problems
I have had my brakes replaced withing the last 60 days. Recently the ABS and other dashboard lights come on. I have had the brake light switch and the ABS pump relay replaced. Solved the issue for 3 days. Lights back on and am being told the ABS Hydraulic Pump Assembly may need to be replaced at a substantial cost..Could there be another cause such as brake pads installed incorrectly or the wrong pads being used?
Tiere rattles going over bump

After starting car, rear middle brake light will not turnoff. Nothing flashes on dashes indicating there's a problem. just replaced brakes on front and rear.
I just had my power steering pump replaced but it seems as if coolant is leaking into the pump causing the power steering fluid to look white and cloudy and the powersteering is still making a loud whinning noise. why would this be happening and how can it be repaired
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