2003 Mercedes-Benz ML500 Questions

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Starts in morning great steady ideal drive down street about .25 mile perfect acceleration till I need to stop at stop sign to merge onto traffic 90% of the time when I press on gas pedal truck will stall ? If I see I don't need to stop I can just slow down and take my turn playing with gas pedal so will not stall then I gun it and accelerates 100% .
Crank shaft changed new fuel pump 5 autozone maf. And then I got bosche maf and all runs well for few day and comes right back ? Code say maf again and again . I do some reports for work on my phone while in truck might be Idleing hr 1 hr or more sometimes and no problem smooth idle I start to go ad no problem accelerating till I spot or slow down in traffic it will stall or I half to through it in neutral flore it and wait till light turn green put in drive and it might hasitate at beginning or be 100% smooth . I bought new wires and plugs but have not put them in cause it runs 100% when it does only at stopping issue so plugs would be bad all the time so waiting to do that ? Everything one this Suv works 250,000 miles bought new and still all original parts except what I changed past 2 months . I read same problems but nobody post the answer to solve problem would like help ?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Only when coming to a stop light or slowing traffic ? If I didn't need to slow down in traffic or coming off exit the truck runs 100% and powerful if I need to got in it
How long have you had this problem? 3 months now
I am replacing the brake pressure sensor to stop the bas esp light from coming on.
I have been having lack of acceleration.. first i had all coil packs wires and spark plugs changed. New fuel pump. New crankshaft position sensor..n last my converters checked n new pipes. Nothing has changed this problem... drive for a good 15 minutes then the lacking start floor it and nothing happens.... i have to search for a good acceleration in pedal someone help please.
I looked in the fuse box under the hood and there is no listing for it, also looked in the passenger side kick panel, no listing for it there either.
Its hard to explain, but I almost thought it was in the drive train at first, but that's not the case. its like it's out of tune when i accelerate. not missing or anything but just dull.
If i purchase a key online can the dealer cut and program the new key at what cost???
my ml500 has been shaken the fuel pump coil packs and wires has been changed ran for a couple days now its stil shaken and when in drive drives slugish
Have just replaced the electric motor in the fuelpump of my ML500. When I removed the pump from the fuel tank, I found that the electrical contacts are sort of sitting out in the open inside the fueltank. ( "Standard" elctrical connection, it's plastic covered rbut the metal connection can be reached by the fuel if it splashes around in the fuel tank or the tank is full). I have put everything back together indentical to the way it was when I pulled it apart. Still I am a bit worried about an electric current inside the fuel tank... Any dangers related to this? Thinking fire and explosion..
also sometimes say tele com muted and the sos button stays lit although i have no telecom subscription
It happen almost regularly. Tapping pedal usually stops it, but, also pushing gas pedal stops it or makes it start leaking air in floor board of drivers side.
When driving it well start to revup BC its not shifting right, so I'll have to pull over and turn off the car and restart and it has a steering fluid leak as well could this cause it to act up??? Or could it be something with the transmission??? How can I check on my own, and where is it located at?? PLEASE HELP!!!
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