2001 Mercedes-Benz ML430 Questions

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I cannot to move gear lever
When I drive have a heavy smell of gas, only leaks when car is on, and can I drive it until I fix it?
What do I need to do to fix this problem
It is not listed in Manual, even though it is shown.
Little Rock fine having enough power and still running good this happened twice and on the same day
Why cant I find the crankshaft position sensor on my 2001 Mercedes ML430? I looked on the driver side backside of engine. Cant find it, cant see it. How long does it take to replace?Seen videos for a 320 but not the same. Please help
has happened 4 times or so. After hour or so continuous driving. (like interstate doing 70mph) pull over wait a few secs then drive on. bas/esp (think they are) come on.
My car works perfect but recently the gear gets stuck in Neutral and will not budge unless I switch off the ignition first, shift the gear to park turn on the ignition and shift to Reverse.
Only see about a cup each time.Occurs after driving.
happens when car is slowing down for stop. sometimes with taking foot off and coasting with engine breaking. while driving i shift to neutral turn it off turn it on put in gear I dont have a check engine lite and the esp/bas lite doesnt come back during restart need to repair before trade in
Help thanks
My ML430 will be driving along perfectly well, then just begins to slow down. No one seems to know what the problem is including the Mercedes Service Dept.
What should be removed to get in the left side catalic converter on Mercedes ml 430. 2001...please
I'm trying to get the new one in but transmission and an inch bar don't let me what should I remove ...please
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