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which valves must rock when camshaft is on mark both sides please on v8
All I needed was fluid. Due to Vandelism, the fluids were drained. No Garlyn and Sheldon in Temple are saying the cost is 5213.00.

Requested Service: Front End Differential and Replacement/ Repair

Estimated Cost: 2500- 3500

Why am I being over charged?
I had my battery changed and followed instructions for resetting signal code. I put in the code, but when I key in last number and hit ok, it goes back to first number and flashes. When I insert a cd, it either says "cd error, check cd" or "blank cd"". What is going on? I use good cd's. Even tried with brand new cd...same thing.
It happened on my way home from town last night, about 1o miles from home.
After starting it will blink off and then come back on and stay on.
I get a Mercedes Benz ML 430 silver, I just bought it salvage title, I will like to get the code for the radio and the lock nut to get the tires out, any suggestions for those information let's me know
What does that mean oil high
Once I provide input and hit the enter button, the screen turns gray.
Hello Everyone

The fuel injector #3 in my 2000 ML430 is not working (misfire) .... I want to change it by myself.... the question is: does anyone know where is the injector #3 located at ?? and how can I replace it ???
If you guys can add some pictures to the answer I'll really appreciate it

Thanks all
I turn on the heat and cold air blows out. How much it cost and what is the problem?
Fan barely turns belt is fine why does fan barely turn
it's displaying start error on the dash,it was running fine before
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