2013 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Questions

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get " Full service could not be carried out' What else can I do?
The rear end was in an accident and my tailgate got a blow on the left hand side and the rear bumper on the left hand side was also impacted. No lights were affected and no signs of structural damage. Have not opened up the tailgate due to not knowing if it will close or not so there may be a possibility that the locking mechanism may* need to be replaced once the tailgate is opened and checked to see if it locks. Need to know how much the ballpark cost range may be for this job and the parts cost. Also, where to look for parts.
I live in Colorado and snow treating chemicals are inevitable. I was my car soon after any snow, but the chrome is becoming pitted and discolored. Seems strange for a car this new. Its always garaged and cared for. Asked my MB Advisor and he said MB doesn't warranty this kind of thing. Seems like a pass the buck deal. Anyone else had a similar experience?
it usually on comes on in cooler weather- it went out this summer after the winter and is back now in cooler weather
The four tyres got hooked.
If you own a 2013 ML350 and you have discovered hard shifting between gears when you took the car into MB Service Dept. did they know about the problem and just fix it or did you have to speak to the manager about the transmission problem. Did Mercedes Benz fix the problem.
CEL came on suddnly with image of an engine
suddenly a lighted engine sign came up on dashboard
In the garage at home daily
Keep saying change your battery
Where is the cabin air filter located and how to change it? Thanks
on the 2012 ml350
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