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check engine light on fault code P0705. Wife was driving when it shifted to P1 (digital shift display) and lost power. She pulled over and shut engine off and then restarted. Check engine remained but car functioned properly. I read the code and all that was flagged was P0705. Has happened three times now after a transmission flush...wondering if they are connected? how to get the part to fix?
My left front window can't go up. I want someone to look at it immediately. Is there a repair shop open today.
What wrong
Hey guys so i was just driving my car at 60kmh and the cars engine just gave up the speed started drooping and then it came to a stop. i drove it to my house at 20km/h it was shaking like crazy and then i came home got out the car and there was a lot of diesel leaking from the under of the car,the leaking stops when the car is turned off and when i start it it comes back again.
anyone is this a big repair? or small one?
Bought the car from a dealer still in warranty 37k miles .couple of houres later brake lights and service warning lights came on.tooked the car next day to a mercedes dealer and left the car to be repaired,on the way i noticed the blind spot assist we re out not a sign and i put that on the list to.after 10 days dealer called that car is fixed my wife pick it up saturday at 2-3 pm drove home and car sat there until i pick it up to go buy something not far away and on a35 mph speed limit,after 3-4 miles EVERYTHING SHUT DOWN,NO BRAKES,NO POWER STEERING,ALL THE LIGHTS AND WARNING SOUNDS CAME ON. Almost crashed in somebody .Called road side assistance and after 2 houres a tow truck came and towed the car to the dealer. Sunday morning got a call from the guys from the dealer saying that was a computer failure which was fixed BUT NOW MY BLIND SPOT ASSIST DON T WORK AGAIN.!!!!!! To leave the car for more investigation,today which it s tuesday got a call again saying that everything was fine and fixed BUT WHEN THEY TOOK THE CAR FOR A TEST DRIVE THE COMPUTER SHUT DOWN AGAIN AND THAT THEY NEVER SAW THAT EVER HAPPEND!!!! SPENDED 35.000$ on it so it s not like i bought a cheap or damaged one.NOW WHAT IF I GET THE CAR BACK AND THE ENGINE AND EVERYTHING SHUT DOWN ON ME AT 70-80 MPH ON A HIGHWAY?
The car is parked inside our garage. Our 300 Mercedes is there also. We have gone away for over 8 days. Not during very cold weather. This has happened 3 times. This car will not start without a jump. Battery absolutely dead. Dealer claims it cannot find answer. Said it might be garage door opener or computer inside house draining it. Ridiculous! Wants us to pay to install trickle charger link.
I place the key in the ignition but it doesn't start right away, it always takes a few seconds, even when I turn off the engine to start...some one I might need the anti-theft code, this may be causing the delay. If that is correct where could find this code to correct...thank you.
still wont start but it tells me srs flashing
when i was backing just snapped off.
It was in the body shop and it worked before this. They told me to reset it, but I am not sure if I did it right.
I have a 2011 and when I went to apply the brake the car kept moving forward. Fortunately a curb stopped the car. I have not been able to replicate the issue. Any one else have the same problem with another year or model?

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