2010 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Questions

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Car will not start when you out fob in ignition. Lights will not come on dash when fob is inserted.
When i come to a complete stop at the traffic lights after 2 or 3 minutes my car jolts forward. My foot is pressed down on the brake waiting for the lights and then all of a sudden the car jolts forward, please help me find out as to why this is happening. No lights appear on the screen.
Especially when sopped or moving slowly, the wheel is very difficult to turn.
Has anyone had issues with the transmission and how much did it cost to repair? My SUV currently has about 50k miles.
esp cuts out when bouncing over rough roads,turning and even when parked,when it also refuses to shift to neutral and needs to be moved before it will is released at the same time.switch module was replaced but no help.I feel it's a sensor problem in the front suspension as it always happens in conjunction with front suspension movement or driving through water puddles.HELP.
The dealership replaced the tires, i purchased the vehicle now the system says the wheel sensor missing.
What is the cause of the delay ?
sometime it takes about 5 to 15 minutes.what could be the have only 18,800 miles.It a US car.
why is my car jumping out of drive and into neutral without shifting.?
I got a few codes, not sure what they are. The EBV,ABS,ESP Lights are on. Codes are 1425,5132,5122,5112.

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