2008 Mercedes-Benz ML320 CDI Questions

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Does this model have heated mirrors if so where is the switch?
My ac not blowing cold air only hot wen i turn it on. Yes my clutch is engaging and it has plenty of freon in it
Good Morning I have ML 320 2008 the Lift gate wont close or open automatically in or for me to open I have to open manually and lift it and to close it I have to slam it it it wont close when I hit the Button any suggestions?
the balloons refuse to lift
The service center in Nanaimo say there have been many problems with this item. I would like to speak to a MB customer warr. mgr. Do u have a ph #. Thanks, Graham
Dealer is replacing the cumputer under the 8/80,000 watranty. What effect can this have to the cluster. Cluster screen is not working the other fuel, rpm is working fine.
on all the time when the car is in use
Was advised when had "B" service at 17,000 miles that it was leaking even thou had no oil spots on garage floor and only had to add 1/2 qt in one year. Doyle
This is correct mileage. Purchased in Nov 2007 and there are no leaks on garage floor and only had to add about 1/2 qt since had oil changed in May 2011. Was advised there is a "pan" that kept to oil from showing on floor. Is this a common problem and what happen if do not replace the seal. What's approx cost for this. Thanks Doyle
Do you happen to know what a new brake booster should retail for?

Many thanks
How much does it cost to replace the camshaft position sensor. Or can I replace it myself
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