2007 Mercedes-Benz ML320 CDI Questions

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Mercedes 320 CDI 2007. When driving down the highway we have a loss of power even though the peddle is touching the floorboard.
We had this one other time and it was the fuel filters. They are now trying to sell us on a new oil cooler and torque converter? Is this real
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
This is occuring more frequently. When it happens, I can still change down using the steering wheel paddles however the car wont rev out -maximum about 2500 in any gear. Any one know what the problem is?
how should energize the position lights and fog as vehicles with key opens
I changed my Rotors and Pads because the Brake Wear indicator came on. I upgraded to Slotted & Dimpled Rotors. I didn't change the Brake Wear Indicators so I was going to have MB dealer do it and they say I have to have MB Brake pads and change the Brake Waer sensors. And want like $600 to do it (Crooks)
The lift gate functions normally but the final electric latch no longer engages, the door is fully closed and there are no obstructions.
I got into a head on collision and I dented my hood, bumper, and broke my grille assembly. How many hours does it take to replace a hood, front bumper, and grille assembly? My mechanic says 17 hours, but I'm worried that I'm getting ripped off. Please help. Thanks.
3 doors are locking with key control except driver side one. still locking manually. please any one knows what's the problem?
once the 4 ways and other electrics activated had to disconnect battery to get these to stop.
the interior fans continues to run after the car is turned off and the key is removed. Fan recently run on defroster mode for a long period due to weather.
I will stop the motor wait and then restart and all is fine till it happen sometime a month or maybe in a few days no check engine lite no warning atall..
when i try to diagnose i got u0155 dtc .
i would like to know if its normal on 07 ml320 hard steering.
power steerig very hard.
I have all the parts, I have most problems with taking off the inside trim. There is a speaker inside.
The car has 110,000 mile. I change the trans. fluid and filter every 50,000. At times (twice a week-drive 35miles to work and 35 miles home everyday) the car does not shift from 2-3(at about 40 mph and 2000rpm) the tach goes upto 3500rpm. The only way to return to normal shifting is to stop the car. Shift into park.Turn the engine off. Remove the key. Put key back in. Start the engine. Put car in drive.
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