2002 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Questions

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all of a sudden it happened that battery started shutting down completely drained,central lock malfunctions and have lock it from the central lock button in the car,AC fan starts and stops to blow leading to overheating,and when i checked the fuse box under the hood its all heated up,very hot and thus fans still does not blow .
now what i noticed yesterday was that the radio bluetooth function to play music is misbehaving, sometime the airconditioner seems like its not cooling at all but later picks up
We checked the cable from the starter to the alternator and the cable from the alternator to the battery all look good. We jumped it with a truck and nothing/
When accelerating from a stop, I hear and feel a slight clunking vibration. I thought it was a slipping transmission in low gear. But my mechanic said it was broken engine mount. What is the cost to repair the engine mount? What does it entail?
Also steering wheel jumps about 1/2 inches when driving into a curve. I have a broken motor mount. Would that cause it?
I have 320MLSuv problems! Problems! Need drive south! Broken gas, speed diameter(can't tell how much gas nor how fast going) no radio sound. Had to replace engine a year ago. $$$$! Due oil change every 10k with 128,000 miles. what should I do ? Help!!!
Winter is coming, never had AWD before. Want to make sure it is working correctly before the bad part of the winter hits.
I recently got my two front tires changed. Now every time I go past 20 MPG my caution light comes on and whenever I apply the brake it goes away. What is it? And how could it be fixed?
Actuator shows no movement ever, the others machine gun cycle.
Dealer wants $291 for the entire door lock actuator. EBay has lots of used actuators for about $115. None of the auto parts stores carry new or 3rd party replacement actuators. Opened it up, and the 12 vdc motor isn't responding to 9 VDC battery. Emailed the guy on EBay who is selling the 4 actuator springs for $40, and he said he'll sell me just the motor with the worm gear for $15. I assume he can get limit switches as well. I used the video method to remove the actuator from the car. You'll never get the actuator out of the car without the video or a can opener, your choice. The 4 air bag rivots have to be drilled out. They are soft metal and any old metal grade drill bit will work, easy. Two screws are removed from under the air bag that releases the big bracket inside the door that blocks your hand. The latch is held in by two star bolts that come out easy. The 2 interior panel screws are found by prying out a clipped in door handle area compartment plastic piece. The interior cover just pulls out really hard. The inner door foam is held in by toxic waste tar that gets all over everything. Move really slow, use solvent on hands, don't let the tar pull scum touch anything and calm it back down into place with your fingers because they can be cleaned, eventually. The actuator still won't budge until the outer door handle is removed. To remove the outer door handle, you peel up the side weather strip and look in the little hole under the weatherstrip with a flashlight to see the allen head wrench screw in the side of the outer door handle bracket inside the door. Give the screw 3 turns with an allen wrench that is 4 or 5 inches long. Shorter than 4 or 5 inches won't work. Any more turns and you loose the screw inside the door and you have a new problem. The outer door handle piece located towards the rear then lifts straight up and wiggles out. The big outer handle slides back and them pulls out and wiggles free. The 2 outside screws under the door handle have to come out to remove the inner bracket for the outer door handle. With the actuator loose, use a 12" long skinny blade screwdriver to remove the electrical clip from the actuator. Push the actuator cables back through the openings. The actuator comes out with the two mechanical cables attached.
When I open my door, I don't have my buzzer and after I start my car, I don't have my dashboard lights showing my time or mileage. Also, the A/C is not lighting up or working.
every other door locks with remote, but driver door lock goes up and down then stays unlocked. it will lock manually & you can use the key. Somehow it is affecting the gas door as well
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