2000 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Questions

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I have a 2000 ml320 Mercedes, every now and then when I start the car lots of white smoke shoots out. Also when I'm waiting at a light when I take off lots of whit smoke shoots out
I have a 2000 Mercedes Benz ML320 With 175k Miles. It starts then Dies. I've replaced Fuel Pump & Filter along with Crank Shaft Sensor. I thought it might of been one of the Catalytic Converters that were clogged or bad although I've loosened both from the Exhaust Manifolds and it does the same thing.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? I can pump the gas and it will rev up but not Idle & dies when placed in gear
How long have you had this problem? About a Month, When it did run it would try to stall once while driving it but after that it would run Fine
Srs show on my dash board
check engine light is on
Off and reset computer it stays off for a little bit and then comes back on
My car run great when I parked last night this morning it acts as if it's stuck in low range and will not shift above 40 mph into the last gear when I stop and give it there's no response then takes off and drops back down to low gear what causes this
I know the switches Are bad. The motor on driveside seems dead also. I tried hot wiring it back up but got nothing.
All lights on dash are on and brake lights don't work. Beeping from the dash every few minutes
Car won't go into gear
Car won't shift gears
1. Can this be a bad fuse problem
2. It just stays on while driving
3. I do not know diagnostic codes

this piece snaps with one screw to hold snaps broke
It's now making to drag, what could have be the cause.
The car was making that noise like when the sparks plug are out and they wasnt bad however I changed the sparks plug 5 month ago got the original ones with the mercedes badge on them. it ran quite good but after 4 months the issue occured again. a month ago i had the air mass flow meter replaced too.i dont know whats causing this issue and im also thinking of sparks plug wires so if you could suggest me anything .thanks in advance
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