1999 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Questions

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21 d on dash and the car will not shift manually
It startef cutting out like it wasnt getting fuel.I believed it to be acloggef injector or similar condition. I added 3/4of a can of 21stea Foam to a 3/4 tank of gas.It also had a lifter noise so I added the rest of the can to the crank case.It seems to have reduced the lifter noise however, I can't get it to idle. I am a fairly schooled mechanic and have built both Ford and Chevrolet motors of various sizes. I understand the internal workings of the gasoline fueled engine. However this is my first Mercedes.I am not familiar with its external opperations which affect the fireing and fuel opperatios. The vehicle has 265,000 mls showing on the odometer .It is showing check engine indicater as well as high oil reading. It also seems to slightly slip while changing from 2nd to 3rd while in automatic shift.The transfer case has been replaced within the last 2 yrs. How do I check the firing rather how do I remove the spark plugs and which cylinfer is #1 and what is the firing order. It is a
i stop my car and go to the shop for 15 min., after i come out to start my car, the engine only runs 1-2 seconds then shuts down. i try to charge the battery, but still keep like this. pls help me to fix this problem,thx.
I was told the gas tank support straps are rusted - the parts don't seem expensive but how long should the labor be ?
I have tried to shift into low range several times with no result.
Everything else seems to be operating normally with no problems.
Thanks: Maynard.
Now the cigarette lighter,horn doesn't work and my radio won't cut off even when the key is off Will that be a fuse???
Beeper stays on while driving,,but will stop when vehicle comes to stop
How do I remove L R door panel?
I keep replacing bulbs but they either go out or produce very dim lighting
in my 99 trans number is 16327022000
and vin is
I have transmission from 2002 ML320 and if I can instal it in 99ml320?
Turning steering wheel sometimes difficult
Starting car nothing happens doesn't click or tick or anything from engine u can hear it trying like a humming sound . lights, radio, all work. Car was working fine up until this one time. Has not started since
If I start the car it will be on and once I put it to drive it goes off .
What is problem when will not go over 45mph
My brake lights are staying on even when brakes are not applied
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