1998 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Questions

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Battery started to die after I got it back from the shop, (they worked on the transmission)
I located the draw which is on the f13 fuse, what should my next step be to fix this?
I have never had a draw on the battery before, I try and do all of my own work on the car. Any advice would help.
Someone broke in to my car last night and pulled the rear view mirror off, not sure if this is connected to anything since it has a wire connection?
Thank you.
My vehicle won’t start but when jumped it runs but if we switch battery while it’s running it will die
Back up lights inoperable
Turn signals don't work
Lets light is need cost estimate
Need to change change pads & adjust parking brake .
changed the battery and it starts up then it shuts off. I had the scanner put on but no codes on it.
My car constantly rings like if I were to leave my keys in ignition and open the door
also where is my yaw rate sensor in my 1998 ml320 ?
It have been often to icant drive it as much
how can i do first how can i check first
I know I need a new transmission.
What is the price of a new transmission for a 1998 ML 320, one owner. I am the original buyer.
Rides well no issues with Brakes, change front brake sensor. Not the rear sensor as of yet. No issues with codes.
Just that annoying light on. :)
I know don't know what it is
I need to know how to reset key
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