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I trailered my boat with led lights 60 miles. After parking truck with trailer attached, remote would not lock doors. After returning 8 hours later to start truck, the battery was completely dead, which is remote did not work as there was no power in truck at all. First time this has happened. I jump started car after 5 minutes of charging and drove home 60 miles on highway. I put battery on game 10 amp charger and it registered 50% full. After 1 hour it was 100% full which is impossible. Charging needle was bouncing around from 50 to 100%. Now car runs fine and never got a warning code. Is it a bad battery or a fluke, or did trailer drain battery?
I had the filters replaced, the ventilation system treated twice and had some treatment done inside the vehicle cabin area but nothing seems to work. The smell has a bacteria odor and I can smell it even when the air condition is off, wonder if its standing water?
Mercedes benz fixed an accident from rear tire whole rear was change cost of 14k after that car does not go over the bumps like it's absorbing instead there is a sports car like hit to vehicles cabin I took it back to Mercedes and they said it's normal but I know it didn't drive like this before and I don't have the sport comfort settings I m stuck I hate
My car now don't
Kno what to ask them to do help please
Just returned from a long trip in it (over 3 hours).
The car suddenly started showing faults/malfunction for all systems. It has done just 1198 miles. Issue is warranty does not exist in Nigeria where I am.
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