1999 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Questions

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I have developed a severe oil leak in the last couple thousand has come to leaking about 2 qts in less than a 100 miles....which is horrible!! I can smell it burning so it is obviously dripping onto the exhaust somewhere....I just pressure washed it to try to locate its far I have not been able to see exactly where it is coming from....any tips on some known fails and locations would certainly be appreciated. Thanks
around 60k for the scheduled maintenance. what are the maintenance intervals for the 1999 E55 AMG and what should I expect to pay? Thanks.
I went to a german car repair shop and they said I needed a Yah sensor ($1895.00)and new trans ($4,750.00). My car cuts out when you step on the gas and doesn't shift correctly.
Is there a key involved in removing the rear seat to charge battery?
After servicing A/C system how is EC reset?
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