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The check engine light turned ON and "ESP Malfunction see repair service" came on dashboard and car dose not accelerate. When the car is on and we leave the gear to Park or Neutral, the RPM oscillating and make hum hum hum noise. But we change the gear to D, or R, the car moves with very low speed but the acceleration does not work at all in any gear position. Also, is that safe to drive the car like that with no acceleration just 5 mph or less speed?
i fixed the line and the car was fine . Then i got the code again a few days later that car too low but it was only the front this time . Found another rubber hose that was cut so i put it back on got home and now front and back is down.. my car always held air and was level on all four corners before for this . Could this just mean the pump is bad. Its not coming on now. How can you test the relay?
also when going faster than 65 mph ride is not smooth. Mechanic flushed differential made difference in the chop for a week. back again
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