2005 Mercedes-Benz E500 Questions

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The car was parked and has no tune up for 2 years because of the gas system "recall" problem. It was shutting up on the road even when my tank was 3/4 and when full there was a smell of gas. I found out about the recall in February I brought the car to Mercedes and they fixed it. After the repair I noticed a noise, kind of rumbling, and i can feel a vibration in the wheel even when the car is parked. I don't drive the car normally I drive it in the neighborhood and parked it. Also the noise increase when the ac in on. The ac is not pumping full cold air in the front and give hot air in the back. When I put my hand in front of the vent I can barely feel the cold air.
What problem am I dealing with?

I changed the front signal bulb and the bulb housing just wont work anymore. I bought a hard wire setup from Mercedes Benz and need to know how to wire it in .
Air will come on a few seconds and goes off.
There's nothing going on but the service f message is coming up
my car is slowing down without hitting on brakes, my brake system is shutting down. my radio is cutting off. this is while I am driving.
My right side turn signal turns off after several seconds even before I make the turn
@ 75mph. Also pulls to left with braking. Brake service message is on though pads appear to be new.
Wolf told by maintenance department that the headlight module needs to be replaced he's trying to charge me $700. $900 at first
rear end of car sits low and rubs against tires and doesn't rise when cranking car
Just bought this car and love it but recently it started not going all the way into park unless i turn off the key. It will go into park some times if i keep my foot on the break for a period of time, can anyone help, thanks
Everyone I drive no matter what it sinks like oil burning and smoke comes from under hood and front left grill insert by fog lamps. Anyone else have this problem or know what I should be looking for to fix this issue?? It is not overheated and no messages on dash.
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