2004 Mercedes-Benz E500 Questions

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I need brakes for my 2004 Mercedes E500 and a local shop quoted me $754 for the job. Thats the front pads and rotors. I don't know if this is a good deal or not. Any advice would be great
its just in the rear and i seem to feel it more on the right side rear
after driving for a while car will go down in rear. start again goes back up and its been doing this on and off. its this problem air spring but if it was leaking it would be down all the time????????? please help! thank you so much.
I had ann error code emissions(fuel cap) I have one ordered so I cleared the code which I have done before a couple of times now. Immediately after clearing code I tried to crank it and nothing.
only in the rear when i hit bumps it feels the the car body hits the frame & at fast speeds the car seems to want to jump lanes only in rear
The tailgate work. The signals work. I've changed the SAM unit and both bulb carriers. The bulbs for the tail/brake light guys were burned out. What can be the problem. I'm sure it has to be a simple fix.
what could have gone wrong within the 2 years? can I just start and have tune up dome after getting new batteries?
No warning lights, car starts and stops and shifts into gear. Buzzing all evening, app 4 hours.
plus what is the labor cost to replace a fuel tank that leaks
Dash symbol is picture of the car with up arrow (i assume suspension). How do I diagnose?
The car is a wagon with a fold-down third seat. to get the spare tire out, you have to fold up the seat, remove the mat and open the floorboard with those little plastic handles. The handle has broken off.

Car warning only comes on when car sits over night, but goes off when started probably air leak to shocks. What is likely problem. is this a fix by MB Dealers only... they are expensive
Problem started at about 96000 miles only to find out today from the info on this site that's the prime time for this problem to happen.
The airmatic suspension on my car is fine if the car is level and warm... If I park it on an angle, such as at a curb on the down hill side, rather than on a level parking area, and it is cold out (under 45f) and the car itself is cold, then, just the right rear corner will sag. It will pump up right away and will stay inflated indefinitely, (such as when I am out of town for a period of time) and the car is parked on a level pad, no matter how cold. My mechanic says to leave it alone as long as it pumps back up .
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