2003 Mercedes-Benz E500 Questions

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The radio works and that's about it.
My car just stop but it says reduce breaking see the workshop, I want to know what makes cause that plz
want to check relay to see if its bad so I will know to replace air pump or not.
shifted from 3rd gear to 2nd at a high rpm.
lately the dashboard instrement lights seem dimmer and a few days ago the stereo wouldnt turn on. screens just black. not sure if the two are related. 3v weeks ago i did have my main battery replaced due to a dead cell.
All my fuses are good so I'm hoping there's a relay that affects all these functions
Have a mercedes E500 year 2003. Low beam headlamps will not work but have electricity flow...Confused?
Pads thickness on 2 of them & on the 2nd pair of Pads holes are tight to the steel plate ?I found the sencer inserted in center hole causing a warning light to come on at 50% ware
I have a ac compressor put on my car and the air still don't work do anyone out here can give me the AC code
and its also showing a red battery sign on the dashboard
but comes up when started. i have checked and there seem to be no leakage from the back. what else could it be
when i turn to the right it seems as if i need a lube job.
when the car is off right front headlamp stays on..when the car is running the right rear taillamp doesn't work at all??
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