2002 Mercedes-Benz E430 4MATIC Questions

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I'm I suppose to reset something.
no computer codes.
Bulbs are fine.
Had a bad experience with mechanic. Claimed the heads cracked resurfaced them. When he returned car a vibration under hood, we looked and when you put foot of gas left side of engine lifts up out of the car
After my driver side went out, I tried to replace it and the new bulb wouldn't turn on. I've tested the same bulb on the opposite side and vice versea, the bulb works fine but the headlight still wouldn't come on. I have a theory that it might be a fuse but im not sure if 02 model have them. Help me out folks. Thanks.
When I insert my key in the ignition, it will not turn. I cannot start the car. If I hold down the unlock button on the remote sometimes it will allow me to turn the ignition. I have been stuck at gas pumps, etc.... What can I do to fix this?
The whining noise occurs at highway speeds (45mph and faster). Seems to be coming from wheels.
My veh temperature gage will rise quickly when the veh is idled in traffic. The fans do NOT come on to cool the vehicle either. Could this be a result of the thermostat being bad? The vehicle recently had repairs to the front end as well.
I insert mt key and it barely clicks when I turn it, nothing happens. The lights will not turn on either. Is this a dead battery? How do I jump start it? Where is the battery located?
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