1995 Mercedes-Benz E420 Questions

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It just started doing it today
I turn on the headlights and fog light and only the fog lights work but they work when I turn on the brights?
My 95 E420 was running real bad so I had it towed to the dealer. They replaced the trottle body and now i dont have reverse. I had experienced no problems before. When you put it in R it feels like the the parking brake is on and when you give it gas it wont move even on a hill. Could they have hooked something up wrong when they replaced the trottle body to cause this?
Installed a new alternator then the problem startded.
the brakes lock-up if the car is driven for about a mile of travel (rear brakes) everytime...the ABS/ASR lights doesn't come on when this happen....the ABS/ASR lights comes on briefly when starting the car and goes out....what role does the ABS/ASR relay control in this system.
the brakes (rear) locks-up after about a mile of driving...
my feet don't have to be applied to the brakes...the car locks-up on it's own...this occurs everytime...the brakes does not release right away...???

Engine oil Pressure gauge-sometimes it sticks at 0; when I tap on the gauge it works and the needle responds like it should; it may work correctly for awhile and it starts up again. I recently had my transmission rebuilt and there were a couple of very small vaccum hoses replaced and after that the guage worked great. I do not think it is the gauge itself.
How do you remove the bumper on a 1995 Mercedes E420/W124??
Where is the up shift delay switch on a 1995 e420 Mercedes.
the car idles rough at times and engine may quit. When this happens the check engine light comes on also where is the port to connect code reader.
my key broke in ignition and i want to bypass old ignition
My radio will not play and the locks will not lock automatically
how much should a throttle body replacement for a 1995 e420 cost?
my turn signals dont always come on and my right headlight is dim and when i slam the driver door they seem to come on
what would be consider hi mileage for 1995 e 420
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