1994 Mercedes-Benz E420 Questions

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Due to high mileage, and still intending to keep the car, was contemplating replacing with smaller engine with much lower mileage. do you advise? Car is Executive Edition with excellent body/exterior.But front struts are worn ans the climate control needs work.
out and needs to be replaced. that was also the reason my check engine light came on. could that be?
its loud and can be heard whether your sitting in the car or out
It turns over but it sounds like it's not taking any fuel...
Can we do it ourselves?
What is the cost?
What happens if we don't fix it.
Fan motor was blowing at low speed for about a year.
Have an 1994 E320 as well and the doors do lock as I accelerate. My E420 does not. The central locking works when the doors are locked using the key.
Take car to store short way away from home (15 minutes). When ready to come back home car will not start again until it sits and engine gets cold again. What could be wrong?
My windows and sunroof quit working, and I'm guessing it's a problem with the Convenience Control Module.
Mercedes staff also suggested worn ignition cables, but engine has only 70,000 km and cables are OK
My rear passenger side window has come off the track apparently and I am trying to take the door panel off. I can see that the armrest is attached but there are no screws that are visible in the armrest to remove. I have tried lifting the panel up after I have removed the handle trim, locking knob and the door lock trim but nothing moves.
Parts appear readily available
all the other gears in the transmoission work except the reverse gear... what could be the cause of thgis problem??????
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