2008 Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC Questions

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Just just bought a Mercedes-Benz E350 4matic 2008 noticed the navigational was not update it since 2008 bought a CD Command Center on eBay insert it but I did not work ever since then have this problem with the radio going on and off..please help
Battery died back in January car was good up until last week. Went to start car and it cranked but wouldn't start. After trying to start I lost power. I got a jump and it started. Next day went to the store came tocar and it wouldn't start even after a jump. Got new battery and still didn't start. Not sure if I needed to reset anything I just hooked the new battery up and still nothing. Now my key pad doesn't work and car won't even try to crank. Is it my starter? Or did I do something wrong with my battery?
does not start
The seat pockets that's in the back of the front seats broke and was hanging down I had to rip them off I don't like what it looks like now and would love to replace them
have a 2008 mercedes e350
had it checked because check engine light came on after gas cap was off
Also, the EPS is displayed on the dash.
After waiting a week to get an appt, the dealer can't get an error reading so has nothing to fix. The on-off occurred 20 or more times on my ride to the dealer. Anyone else having this problem and know how/what needs to be fixed?
Does any one know why the command center would be turning of the stereo while driving siren the road? It tells me to turn on the ignition and I'm driving the car at the time.
Also my navigation only shows one state and it's not even the state I live in. It tells me that's where I'm located but I'm not. Is there a way to reset the whole command center or reset maps so I have all the states?
I was driving my mercedes e350 4matic when a red batt displayed and it became veRy hard to steer
My radio (and everything else) mostly works, but turns on by itself after I turn off engine. Fiddling with the power/volume control will turn it on and off (no need to push button). I "fixed" it by taking out COMAND fuse in trunk. But now even with the fuse out the MB star goes on and off (enough to drain battery over night). Anybody know what is broken? MB dealer says replace COMAND unit; somebody else says it's the audio gateway control.
Car will not start DTC2015
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