2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 Questions

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interior wood strips coming loose on dash, doors and in rear seating. issue does not include areas where power seats and locks are controlled. MB says ongoing problem with MB convertibles in southern states but not willing to fix it
where is the auxiliary battery location on my 2011 e350 sedan. Thanks
Everything was working the night before not problems. the next morning it was blank and had not worked since.
It is for 2011 E350.
My driver seat has broken.... We never ever experienced anything like this with any car before.... I there a recall for this?
Radio comes on once key is put in ignition but goes mute almost immediately,
The displays that comes on the dash board are 1.Front right SRS malfunction 2.Front left SRS malfunction,3.SOS Tele Aid inoperative,4. Tire pressure monitor inoperative. 5.All the buttons controlling the seats for adjustments are not working. Please advice
After shifting to reverse, the car made a funny, rather loud sound, for a couple of seconds and after shifting to drive. It is still clicking, mostly from the drivers side. The sound is lower when accelerating and louder when not pressing the gas pedal. Help
I have a seat belt stuck around the head rest, how do I remove the lower, and back portion of the rear seat so I can unwrap the seat belt from the head rest. I have tried removing the head rest with no success.
It seems that the design of the wheels, acts as a knife cutting the Pirelli tires . I read that there was a problem of tires not supporting the cars's weight. What options do I have.?
It sometimes happens on a road with a long gradual downhill, and I'm going about 3rd gear. It's been happening regularly also when I come up my road, which is a long uphill--not super steep, but an uphill climb. It will shift very hard and abruptly to the point of startling me.
Is the battery in the front under the hood or is it in the rear in the trunk (boot) area?
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