2007 Mercedes-Benz E350 Questions

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Is this the transmission?
I have a 2007 Mercedes E50 with 80k miles the dash say I need service D
Where is the problem and what causes this. How much it will cost me to have it repair.
What do you mean by P0422
My a/c isnot blowing cold...i. Checked to see if freon needed to be added an it was full..
Trying to order brake parts and they have 4 body code types
dealer wants diagnostic fee to trouble shoot. they say possible wiring problem. how can i self diagnose
Car need to be moved off of the street how can this be done with no hydraulics.
2007 Mercedes E350 What needs to be replaced when you have these codes and the comments are:
P0016=Constant Adjustment of intake camshaft of right cylinder bank in direction Retarded.
P0017= Constant adjustment of exhaust camshaft of right cylinder bank in direction.

Car runs and sounds fine but this was from check engine light so we ran diagnose.
None of my interior lights come on (doors, interior ceiling lights, and rear view mirror under lights) don't turn on. Need to know which fuse panel to check and if possible identify the fuse amp. Thank you for any assistance.
Synthetic oil change and reset computer

I turned it off and turned it on again, and the code above did not display.

Something similar happened once before with the first geat, but I did not get the ESP code.

What is the issue?
if i turn the key to position 2 and wate from 3 to 5 seconds it will start normaly i noticed there is a delay time until all instrument will light i mean the temperature & tang signes i hope i gave enogh details
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