2001 Mercedes-Benz E320 4MATIC Questions

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Last owner did his own brakes....abs/esp/bas/srs and check engine light on with 5 malfunctions after shutting down engine...engine fan not going on....alternator was replaced, new right headlight replaced.....checked fuses....1 keeps popping.....??
But Now ignition doesnt turn . When I insert key fob it unlocks steering wheel but won't turn on ignition,or lock /unlock doors, trunk. Also at first couldn't get into car fob battery was dead, replaced battery, still wouldn't unlock door, had to pay lock Smith to come open car, 150.00,so could check battery, I haven't drove my new car since I bought it. That's all I want for Christmas is it running, can't a Ford a major job right, please help thank you. Jazz
when I come to a complete stop and try to accelerate again my car completely shuts off and I have to start the ignition again.
I have removed the carpet, on the passenger side, and can see water dripping from a around a black plastic box under the dash. There are water droplets on the box and water dripping from above it onto wires and the footwell
the steering wheel is hard to turn, the battery/alternator light is on
could it be the brake switch
why the lamp of oil level flashing time to time not always and when I switch off the car and start the engine again no lamp flashing for time may be for one day long ???
I used to have a 2001 420E 4Matic, sold it. two years later I bought a 2001 MB E320 4 matic, key fob from previous MB 420 is better than E320. How do I change the one fe=rom the 420 to work in the 320?
There is no a/c on at all sometimes.
I have a 2001 Mercedes Benz E20 Sport. When I drive it and the engine would run for a couple hours it shuts off and I have to wait 15 minutes to an hour and it will start up. It is happening now after around 15 minutes after starting and takes at least an hour to start. It's getting worse. I was told it was the crankshaft position sensor and told it was the Oxegen Sensor. I would appreciate any kind of diagnoses that maches the symptoms.

Thank you
The instrument indicator first showed low coolant a week ago.
Now a week later, it is indicating low coolant again. iT TOOK A QUART TO RESTORE IT THE FIRST TIME.
Will not come out of low gear, The problem started with it not coming out of park. I finally got it out of park,now it will not go out of low gear?
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