1998 Mercedes-Benz E320 4MATIC Questions

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car was driving fine then went into limp mode. changed the conductor plate with a new one and now the check electronics light is on and the trans will not shift out of 1st gear. did diagonistic and it showed code P0715.
turn signals not working, emergency flasher not working, horn doesn't blow, wipers do not work. This is a constant problem. Replaced turn signal control on steering column still does not work.
Approximately how much would that repair cost
because i allredy replace the cam and the cranksharf sensor
This is the first time it happens and I just bought a brand new battery and still won't work
I only recently purchased the car and haven't taken it back to the dealer to see if he can/will correct the problem.
It has a self laveling seems like its no longer working...vehicle bottoms out...just bought it on the internet...bad move!
I turn the radio volume down and it gets really loud.
The control button on the upper drivers side door.
it is entered via the radio.
i just can't locate wherte i wrote it down, and my shop doesnt open until monday.
My door locks will not work. When I use the remote to lock the doors, only the alarm system is activated. Same when I unlock it as the alarm is deactivated.
Th driver's seat has started to "make a pop" when any pressure is applied. I think this is in the back part, not the actual seat - but I cannot find schematics to diagnose - anyone have the seat assmebly drawings?
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