2005 Mercedes-Benz E320 Questions

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The car wouldn't start and the battery is located in the trunk. The trunk can't be opened
My turn signals will not operate at all. The physical lights work fine when I turn the running lights on. But when I signal left, right, or use the hazards absolutely nothing happens. Also the fuel level doesn't read. Everything else works on the cluster including the menus. It does say on the cluster that it has a malfunction. Many other electrical problems with the car: head rest button on center console and the rear window screen do not work. Car will not lock, unlock, or release trunk (have to release it manually). Haven't dug into anything just yet, but is there anything in particular I should look at? Going to test all the fuses but no other ideas.
My mechanic says my break are good
It will start with starter flui, and it turns over
while driving the symbol F appeared - message 3 days for service, what service is needed
Motor works both ways Up and Down when i by pass computer. But will not work with keyless entry or swathes in trunk or car door. could any one tell me the truck lid angel switch in put and out put Voltage and MV and any other perameters to the system so i can Repair it.
Took my car to a shop where new front breaks were installed . Then this warning came on dash to say go shop breaks wear error . Can you please help me diagnose the problem . You have my thanks in the interim
Do I have to remove front frame?
I got my mechanic to change the brake pads, then this problem started. He keeps telling me its the SBC, and I need to replace it with a new one, and for months he is yet to get a new sbc with the appropriate vin number to match my car.
i just bought this car few days ago, i was wondering where the oil dip stick is on mb 2005 e320???
i replce the gas tank cap and the mech did not find no leaking what else can they look for
The coil spring broke & I need to know how to take off the strut.
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