2004 Mercedes-Benz E320 Questions

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Mercedes van transmission put brand new speed sensors and it doesn’t shift Is 2004 E3 20 Mercedes been
the SBC unit is giving me 2 malfunctions. BRAKE reduced brake effect and longer stopping distance.
Brake Failure warning
when i switch lanes. i thought it may be the air shocks that i replaced, but it did not improve it. it is like something in the suspension is worn or loose
When I push the red button, the lift gate will close, but it will not latch.
esp malfunction on dash came on what is this mean
Air temp is fine,compressor pulley seems to be getting louder
This happens about every 3rd to 4th time i get in my car.
AC light flashing. Then shuts off
i also bought a new battery. what is the problem? why wont it start?
I have received advice from about a dozen people. Each has a different solution. Basically, I am told to complete a "drive cycle" that is highly involved and looks like it will be very difficult to perform.

If am going to do that and if that doesn't do it, my mechanic said he will do it for me for $150 and not return the car to me until it is ready to pass. I suspect I am going to be handing the car over to my mechanic in a day or so.

But I want to know, how did this happen? How did my car's computer (the OBD) suddenly become "not ready" with regard to the catalytic monitor? Because I don't want this to happen again. If it was something I did wrong that I can prevent doing in the future, I want to know about it.
Past month noticed the car would start to vibrate so bad while driving I had to pull off the road. Get back on the road and can't duplicate. This has happened three times in last two weeks. One time I just slowed down until vibration went away then sped back up and all was good.
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