2003 Mercedes-Benz E320 Questions

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start key do not turn

Wipers don't work.

Is been sitting up ... for 6 months ...

Transmission jerks when taking it out park to put in reverse or drive, and when in drive, it will not go into 2nd gear.... Is it an electrical component issue or the transmission itself that needs replaced....

Try checking fuses still not working

The battery keeps going dead in a short period of time.

It sounds like it is coming from underneath. Do you have idea what it maybe ?
All maintenance is up to date.

I was unloading, went to lock up, without knowing I left the passenger door wide open, Now, when I use my clicker, that door (the front will not close????

HELP!!! I just bought this car and it had 2 problems, I took it to a mechanic to check it out before I got it and the diagnosis was an small oil leak "seal" in the back of the engine where the transmission is and the car made a weird sound like rough and 2 mechanics thought it was "mounts" one said tranny mount and the other said engine.... HERE'S THE BIG BUT... Just yesterday, the Check Engine Light came on and when I slow down, the car jerks back and forth slightly... it happened a couple times now... could it be the mounts? PLEASE HELP!!!