2002 Mercedes-Benz E320 Questions

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I just boucht 2002 E320 Mercedes. None of the dash lights were working, until I replaced 2 of the front headlights (1 big & running light). Then they started working but 5 days later went out again. I found the fuse box next to light switch and the fuse was blown. Fixed that problem. But I have never seen the olometer lights on yet. Is this another fuse or light bulb?
I have a Mercedes E320 2002 and the temperature gauge reads 103 when it 70 degrees out side but the car is not running hot or have any steam coming from the engine and also i here a rattling sound when i have my AC on,
when controls are set on low or cool.its now consistent and the engine cooling fan is running all the time.
Can this be an accurate diagnosis? All I see on line is changing the fluid, nothing about seals needing replacement. Car has 216000 mi
I have over 200,000 miles on it.
Does this with or without engine running. Driving short distance - no change.
Cannot isolate noise. turned engine over and drove forward and back but made no difference.
The E320 was parked and I was removing parcels from the trunk. there was a loud bang and the front end of the car sagged down to the stop.
The blower speed fluctuates between speeds no matter if it's on defrost or heater.
E320 2002 make
took it to main dealer but after 3 hours charging my £300 , nothing not wiser!!!!!1
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