2001 Mercedes-Benz E320 Questions

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I put antifreeze in car on yesterday and the service alarm goes off periodically the next day. how do I disable it
I have recently noticed that my 2001 E320 Mercedes Benz gear will not shift out of park when I turn it on. When it does, it sometimes jump when put into reverse or drive. What can be the cause?
When I turn the front defrost on the EC cuts off but any other time it stays on.
I have taken the circuit board out and dried it and put in new batteries. Nothing happens when I try to open the door and if I unlock the car with the metal key the alarm goes off and the transponder key will not turn in the ignition. Is there some way to restore this? I do not believe there are any electronics on the circuit board that water can destroy.
My car won't go any faster than 60 Mph, once cracking sunroof, and it also later rained, and it also started running hot, I keep the maintenance on my car up to par, but my motor indicator is on and it's only driving in one gear
Everything works compressor is spinning but a/c will not blow cold air, just stopped
When I start my car in the morning and just start driving it, I hear a very loud sound when turing the steering. Its even more when turned to extreme. However, if I first let the car idle for 10 mins or so, the noice never comes up. Any ideas anyone
Have power ( checked battery it's good)
No garage floor drips apparent
The wire that plugs into the third brake light switch is dangling in my trunk out of its socket. I don't know where to plug it. Its a black small plug.
Want to know exact location of the. Code#PO705 and how to replace
Recent State Inspection was passed. Initially I thought the problem was worn shock absorber grommets. That was not the case. Am thinking that perhaps the front anti-sway bar has a problem. Have not noticed abnormal wear to front tires.
There are new tires, springs, and shocks on the front end. Alignment seemed to be correct.
The right signal on dash is constantly lit and when I use right signal to turn, car make buzzing noise then shuts off immediately. Also, 3/4 daytime lights are now much dimmer than the rest when car is in drive, and when the car is in park, only one small bug-eye stays lit. All of the above began after battery replacement. There are additional wires connected to the "red" wire on battery & they seem to be short circuiting/burning inside the protective tube. Is this the reason for all the rest?
Since battery change, car sometimes will not start unless I take red/black wire off battery for a second the replace, then car will start. What causes that if the battery is new? (less than 3 months)
The check engine light is on and ABS light is on with the ESP .The car has been sitting for two yrs.
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