2000 Mercedes-Benz E320 Questions

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Had AC charged, and the compressor will not engage, just blows warm air.
Blowing hot air
cannot unlock vehicle. Dead Battery ? How can I open ?
change crank shaft sensor, brake light switch and replace battery and the car will not start what next?
Running lights work but rear brake lights don't
Is also going to be needing to be replaced? What would the affect be?
why is my car hesitating to accelerate unless the temperature goes up to 80%
is there access to a place that I can disengage the pedal like in a manual release type of car,
My car makes a grinding noise at low speed when I turn my steering wheel. The steer rack was pointed out by a previous bosch mechanic as needing to be looked at as it could fail in the future. Does anyone know how much this repair may cost? Trying to build a budget for myself.
The front right tire bounces as if it has a bad ball joint, but was when checked by my local Firestone, they didn't see anything wrong. I saw on the internet about the spring perch. Could this be what my issue is?
The bulb was removed and tested and still good, but once installed in the car it doesn't work. Checked the fuses and replaced with others and back and forth and nothing. Can it be the iluminating module?

the car starts but its like the the gears are locked
i stopped at walmart for gas and and then backed in the drive way at home and cut the car off and cut it back on and the car started puddering and i pulled out the drive way and it cut off. now i check the fuses and there is power in all of them but now pressure to the fuel pump.
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