1999 Mercedes-Benz E320 Questions

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my car is misfiring on 3 cylinders 123 i have spark and injector spraying. at first start car runs real good and then #123 dies out
i did that and that did not work
the steering is lock the battery good and the key fob battery good
Been hearing a slight rattle from under? the car for about a week now. Thought it might be the cat convrter and was going to get it chcked out next week and replaced if necessary. But tonight as i was leaving work, stopped before turning onto the street, heard a louder rattle snap breaking noise from under the hood. Smelled like overheat smell, but temp was almost at normal and battery charge light came on but noise stopped. Went to turn and found my power steering gone too. Could it be a belt broke?
i replaced and ballanced tires and wheels. still have vibration
my windows will not let up my drive windows has not been working for a couple of months it stays up all the time are the some kind of code to reset I did have to change battery last month all windows except driver window has been working fine till now can you give me suggestions

The steering wheel won't lock, shifter won't move out of park however I don't feel that it's in sync with the whole off switch.
I feel the person that drove my car pulled the key out before it was in park. this cause everything to lock down.
key won't turn and the steering column won't lock. It seems as if the shifter and the steering column are out of sync. Help!

I think the key was pulled out before the car was in park first.

I have 144000 miles and the car is in good shape
Recently, my car alarm triggered and I could not shut it off. My front windows were working, but from time to time, one of the windows would go down and the other would be up and vice versa.. I took the car to the shop to stop the alarm from going off and when i left the shop, none of the turn signals work and I do not have access to use the windshield wipers. The mechanic stated that it could be the key or the ignition needed to be replaced. He said that i could only get this repaired at the dealership, as well as to obtain the key. Is one a remedy (the key) over the other? Is it better to just obtain or repair the ignition?
the post mentioned rods bending & pistons pear shaped. i'm looking for a used 300d or e320 & i want to get the most reliable
I replaced the ac radiator coz I was told it a leakage but the problem is still there,blowing warm air and cold after a long time which again turns to warm
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