1999 Mercedes-Benz E320 Questions

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replaced clutch and
I have nothing else to see.
Suddenly my car started making little jerks forward, off and on while driving and then after this goes on awhile the motor revs up. Pull over and it stops, start driving and it starts little jerks again. Then revving.
No warning lights on dash coming on. Can't see any belts loose under hood.
No strange noises, car doesn't leak at all.
I have a 1999 Mercedes Benz E320 and with my headlights on, my engine will shut down as soon as I use the turn signal.. Runs fine with headlights and I can use blinkers when headlights are off. Also using horn turns off engine as soon as it is pressed. Any ideas what may be causing this? In other vehicles, I see some mention of bad wires in the column. The battery needs replacing but the alternator is good as well. Could a bad battery maybe cause this?
1999 E320 has set idle for 3 years, and now no heat. It was working fine when it was parked. I have replaced the thermostat and coolant sensor, and get the following fault codes 227, 228, 229, 232, 234, 416, 424, 459
I changed battery now need code to my '97 e320 vin#WDBJF55F8VA305131
Transmission won't change gears.
it starts and idle fine until you accelerate then it shuts off
My ignition key is not turning over to start my car and when it does turn it wont start my engine after sitting and jiggling for several hours the ignition turned over but would not start the car . A few times before I have started the car drove it, cut it off and it would not start back up my dashborad has been displaying service engine now,which I believe is due to my engine needing to be tuned up.When I turn the ignition to start the car, i can hear the steering wheel unlock but the car won't start the engine the few times the ignition does turn,all the lights come on indicating the battery is good,but it will not turn to start the car is there someone out there that may know what would cause a problem like this
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