2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG Questions

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car will not turn over at all
Has been this way since rearend accident repair
remote has been replaced and original or new will not work inst panel sayes can not recognize thx ron hicks
replaced windshield waher pump but there is no fire to wires
rear driver window got stuck and convertible top wouldn't work. When trying to push the window it came off its track and fell inside the body. Top is up but window is down
While driving I notice this has happened at least 4 times intermittantly. The CD and the radio and NAVI components will stop working. The display will stay to insert CD when it is already on, I will turn off/on the radio and it works but the other day the sound turned off and my fix didn't work then all the components started just going crazy, clock turning round and round and the radio kept turning on when I turned it off. then the car won't start after sitting for one day? any suggestions...
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