2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK550 Questions

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My 2007 CLK550 won't shift past the 3rd Gear. My son borrowed the car and it happened while he was driving it. There was no limp mode message or Check engine light on. Took it to a mechanic and they found the fault code 0893 Hydraulic Fault in transmission (Disengaging shift element does not disengage). They topped up the trans fluid to where it should be but it did not fix the problem. They are now saying that I need a new trans. Please help.
I only had it occur once yesterday while I was driving on the highway. I just began to lose power. I do have a manual/automatic transmission. I was checking to make sure I was in Drive and not in manual, and I was still in drive. I pulled into a parking lot going very slow as there was not much power in the pedal. I turned my car off and then sat for a few minutes and turned it on again. It seemed to run okay, but it felt a little stiff. I only have 26,500 miles on this car and I have kept up with all maintainence appointments. No alerts were on the dash either?
one will not slide in when done and sticks up. Is it a hinge issue or is there a motor?
where is it
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