2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK500 Questions

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2006 clk500 where is the transmission filler tube
My hood will not go down w the error message I get on my odometer saying "please close trunk partition"
Radio can be turned back on without restarting by hitting gage power button
Just the top part.
over the past three days multiple item went out. one after the other.. first, wipers wont work. fuse good, replaced relay. nothing. next day.. front left amber side light out.. not day the automatic headlights went out. manual ok.. the next day, both driver and pass. door mirrors switch dont work. scared to see what tomorrow brings..???? poss. BCM.. but been told this model has like 5 or more bcm's... which one is faulting..
the whole unit is not working i need to get window back up as well as get into the trunk
My car only has 22,000 miles on it. The control panel on the dash that shows mph, speed, mileage, etc. has several areas that are completely out so everything shows up garbled and is next to impossible to read. My warranty is out and was told this was a costly repair of about $1200. With such low mileage, this should not be happening. Are they telling me the truth about having to pull out the entire dash and replace a control module? Of course it has to happen after my warranty is no longer applicable. This is always happening and I need to get it fixed or they are going to low ball me when I go to sell it.
I cannot find were to put in the transmission oil
if possible can anyone give me diagrams for them or somewere to get free diagrams online.
hey twice my car got stuck in first gear when going on an incline drove the car for awhile it happened turned the car off restarted and it was fine what can that be?
where is the crankshaft position sensor located at?
my front lights don't move and stay looking down
where is my oil stick
i got a messages engine oil level reduce
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