2005 Mercedes-Benz CLK500 Questions

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I cannot find transmission tube. Only oil tube that my car has.
The warning lights work as normal but the engine will not crank first time. Sometimes it stalls after start or shortly after driving away. Runs fine while it is driving. No codes or malfunctions. Problem is worse when hot outside.
I can not get to the settings to have seat automatic reset on entry and exit or set time delay on lights.
Dash lights and all
Seatbelt retractor needs replacing
The seatbelt does not go back in
It keeps telling me it is not in Park, but it is. Also there was trouble getting the gear shift to move into park. I can't turn it off with the key or with the automatic turn off button on the gear shift
When the car is idling the lights on dash and inside lights lights dim w the motor running
I have a 2005 clk500 that I literally just purchased. I have another that got t-boned, so parts are at my disposal luckily. All of a sudden, CE light & ABS light were on and car wouldn't come out of park. Warnings included: Display malfunction, ESP malfunction & Break Wear. Had the shifter switched out the day after (yesterday), fine today, while I was driving this evening, all lights back on, car shifted to park fine, onCe in park, locked up again. Any ideas, proven solutions? I should mention when the car came off the carier it had several bulbs out, parking light, both tails, side indicator. Bulbs replaces, but tails were fine, taking the boards out corrected issue with out bulb replacement, that was monday.
Cable seems to be culprit. Car runs great till it gets warm. The replacement of a new oem crankshaft position sensor leads us to believe it is the CONNECTOR that is the problem. Can we buy just that without a whole wiring harness? If so where and whar part number/price. Thank you ver much jetjockey
With temp set the same on both sides, the driver side is warm. Did a climate control test/reset with no result.
Going over large bumps in convertible models may cause the roll bar to deploy, rendering the roof inoperative. Special tools are generally required to return the roll bar, any idea how to return the roller bar to its position
My check engine light is on.
I was involved in a collision and when I got my car bac the next day it died on me and had to be towed back to the shop now I am waiting to find out the problem. A few people said that the fuel pump may need to be reset or may have gotten damaged in the collision. Has anyone had a fuel pump issue with this car?
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