2003 Mercedes-Benz CLK500 Questions

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First starts fine after using for awhile when I go to start again about 20 minutes later it fires but wont start (clicking sound for about 90 seconds) if left for 30 minuets then it will start up, why is this?
the headlights were working and now they are not the drivers side went first and then the passenger side
even when i used the climit control the air still not coming out the center air outlet. we change the pump that pump fluid in the car.
How much to repair a cracked rear wheel
no heat coming from vents
On a very cold day i went to open my door and it pulled out the stainless steel bottom art of the door frame up, with a large black piece as well. How and where can i get this piece to fix it myself? How much would it cost and what the heck is it called?
First i noticed my windshield washer wasn't working.. Now my windshield wipers will only work if my left turning signal is on...Is this a short? Is it a easy fix? Or expensive problem?
engine light came on while driving shut car off at work 4 hour later car won`t start.sound as it wasn`t getting gas
drove car for lunch came back at 11am 315pm car wouldn't start sound as it wasn`t getting gas
I had the refrigerant serviced. When it does work both the heater and AC work fine. I think the heater is on but not blowing. Same with the AC. When its not working I've tried shutting everything down, including the engine. That doesn't work. Tried pushing all the climate buttons. That doesn't work either. It's flat out random.
When I turn on the AC on and only when I turn the fan(blower)to MEDIUM you hear this load clucking noise behind dash console,& when I would turn the fan back down low or high it goes away. Any suggestions? stepper motor maybe??
I own a 2003 mercedes benz CLK500 bought this car 2 1/2 years ago with 50,000 miles on it and when driving over even the smallest bumps (pot holes) on the road there is a loud knock-clunk noise, sounds like there is no cushion under tires(wheels) sort of speak and when driving over bigger bumps like some new parking lot entrances that imitate a small curb which I approach & drive over very slow the knock-clunk noise is really loud. I hear the noise more from the front tires then the back tires but all 4 tires (wheels) make the noise.I have 4 brand new tires on the car & even with the old tires on I had this problem. Before I bring it to the service shop i'm looking for some possible answers or solutions so I don't get ripped off, I bought the premium extended warranty when I bought the car so maybe hopefully this problem will be covered under the warranty. And we all know that the warranty never wants to pay(cover) anything.
I washed my car, forgot cover over the fuses and the ECM.
Rt door: no response from window, lock anything
Inst. Cluster: Bright Light Indicator, Shows "display defective"
no "backlighting" in instrument cluster.
No turn signals front, no fog light control, No front light turn signals.
The line from the windshield washier is Hot to the touch, as though it is in defrost mode.
I am not a mechanic. My thoughts: replace fuse box and ECU.

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