2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK430 Questions

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Car running ruff starring seems out or hard turning
I need a new key and a new modular. I cant afford to take it to the dealer.
The car won't let me turn the key at all.
I took the fuse out and put it back in, and nothing looks wrong with it
It's 1 malfunction I don't want it
but my faceplate on that side is missing so I can't tell what is lighted up. It will shift out of park if I depress a tiny button on the console with a small screw driver. This problem just started, I took it on a long drive, parked it, then when I wanted to return it would not come out of park.
The remote key works but the door locks will not open, nor the truck or horn or lights. No display on control panel works. Nothing works. What could be the problem.
Even when I am driving it or it is parked in my garage. It's not the alarm that consists of the horn beeping and the lights flashing- its the siren sounding alarm. Is that a notification about something or am I looking at a more expensive electrical issue? I also had a running light that was out and replaced it and it lit up for a second and then went back out. Is that connected? The panic alarm started not long after the light issue.
where is the ac fuse located at
It heats and cools just fine. The problem is having to constantly adjust the temperature settings to attempt to keep it from blowing full blast all the time. What are the possible issues causing this and what parts might I possibly need to fix this? I'm a chick trying to do my research so I won't get ripped off! :)
I need the drive cycle informatoin so I can get the car to pass the smog. There is nothing wrong with it, other than the computer does not know what it needs to do. I know it is a series of things. Help please :-)
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